The heritage complex of Turó de la Seu Vella needs a strong boost in terms of studies of all kinds that help to value it even more, and to spread its knowledge far and wide. It is not just a question of strengthening the historical or artistic research linked to La Seu Vella, the King’s Castle or the walls and bastions that surround these emblematic buildings. Certainly, there is a lot of research done in this regard, such as the one carried out by the Archeology Service of Lleida City Council. There are some doctoral theses and research papers carried out from the University. We have classic works promoted by the Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs of the Diputació de Lleida and which can be consulted, most of them, in the defunct magazine “Ilerda”. There has been constant work, for years, to defend this heritage, promote research, and disseminate it, a task in which the Museum of Lleida: diocesan and regional, the Associació Amics de la Seu Vella, the Ateneu Popular de Ponent, and the Consorci del turó de la Seu Vella, since its creation in 2009, as heir to the old Board of Trustees of la Seu Vella. We have, finally, within reach, a bibliography, especially on a historical subject in which the immense work of Mr. Josep Lladonosa. However, there are areas that need to be renewed and updated, even, in some cases, initiated.

Because it is also about expanding research in the fields of geology, botany, palaeontology, urban planning, etc., as well as analyzing the economic, social, educational and cultural possibilities in general for the future that, we think, it claims a space with an outstanding power that needs greater exploitation and dissemination.

Without a doubt it is the “Acropolis” of the Western Lands, our Acropolis, today in the advanced process of being considered “World Heritage”. It goes without saying, therefore, that the greatest conjunction of efforts is needed in order for this dream to become a reality in the not too distant future. Efforts that must come from the increase in studies and the financial support of companies and institutions that feel this commitment to the culture and progress of our Lands as their own.

Some members of the University of Lleida have participated and participate in actions linked to the study and dissemination of the complex reality of Turó de la Seu Vella, from their different research fields. Some have collaborated in the same preparation of the materials incorporated in the project to achieve the indicated milestone of World Heritage, but the university institution as such has not done so, the University of Lleida, we insist, as an institution.


The creation, therefore, of a company/institutions chair by the University of Lleida, through the Vice-Chancellor of Culture and University Extension, with the support, alliance and impetus of the Consorci del Turó de la Seu Vella wants to cover the needs indicated above: research in different areas, analysis of economic, educational and cultural possibilities in general, execution of projects, and actions to disseminate and promote knowledge among citizens.

Almost 18 years have passed since the commemorative exhibition in 2003, as well as the related events held during that year on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the foundation stone of La Seu. And a few more will have passed, thirty, next March, since the organization, in 1991, of the remembered Congress of La Seu Vella, whose minutes, edited in December of that same year by professors Frederic Vilà and Immaculada Lorés, constitute a must-see gem. It goes without saying that, on these foundations, which are solid, but in need, today, of revision and updating, the Turó Chair of La Seu Vella aims to develop different actions.

On the one hand, those linked to research, such as the holding of two interdisciplinary congresses planned, the first – if possible – for the autumn of 2022, and the second, for the end of 2025; annual training seminars in the different thematic areas; annual preparation and discussion seminars on the topics to be discussed at the congresses and on the analysis and dissemination of the conclusions reached; impetus to research projects prior to or derived from these conclusions and dissemination of the works. On the other hand, those linked to the dissemination of the heritage complex, such as collaboration, from a scientific perspective, in those activities to promote the Turó and its assets that claim this basis of analysis, carried out by the Consorci del Turó de la Seu Vella or of institutions such as, for example, the Amics de La Seu Vella association itself, the latter entity, with which the University already signed a collaboration agreement that it was going to consolidate in recent years, the holding of training seminars on different aspects of the Headquarters and its surroundings. Undoubtedly a first stone of what can already be made a reality today.

So let’s start this project where, among other objectives, we want to strengthen the arguments to be able to convince Humanity – because we are already convinced – that one of its heritage jewels is in Lleida and that it is called “Turó de la Seu Vella “. Because, among other things, and as is already well known, it was from this hill that King Peter the Ceremonious, aware of the place where he was, valued in the fourteenth century the Acropolis, that of Athens, as an e the patrimonial jewels of Humanity. And it was the first time it was done.

Who are we

The Catedrà has a management, in charge of Dra. Eva Martín Fuentes, professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism of the UdL, responsible for the programming of the activities; of a scientific council, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of Culture and University Extension, Dr. Joan Busqueta, and made up of UdL professors; of an advisory board made up of people from the social sphere outstanding for their dedication and connection to the studies and promotion of Turó de la Seu Vella; and a council of sponsors, made up of representatives of the institutions and companies with which the economic collaboration agreement will have been signed.

The management will establish regular meetings with the scientific council and the advisory council for the organization and development of the different activities and actions, as well as with the sponsors’ council to whom it will present the program and to whom it will hold accounts of the financial management.


Direction: Dr. Eva Martín Fuentes, professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism of the UdL

President of the Scientific Council: Dr. Joan J. Busqueta, Vice Chancellor of Culture and University Extension (Director)

Technical secretary: Mrs. Núria Preixens, professor at the Faculty of Arts of the UdL

Advisory Council

Mr. Joan Baigol, director of the Turó de la Seu Vella Consortium

Mr. Joan Ramon Gonzalez, president of the Association Amics de La Seu Vella

Director of the Institute of Ilerdencs Studies

Mr. Josep Giralt, director of the Museum of Lleida

Mrs. Carmina Pardo, president of the Popular University of Ponent

Mr. Josep Tort, president of the Association of Friends of UNESCO Lleida

Mr. Albert Turull, director of the Territorial Services of Culture of the Generalitat

Mr. Jaume Rutllant, Councilor for Culture of Lleida City Council

Mr. Quintí Casals, president of the Center for Regional Studies of Segrià

A representative of the Diocese of Lleida

Scientific Council

Chaired by the vice-chancellor of Culture and university extension of the UdL, Dr. Joan Busqueta,

It is integrated by the director of the chair, Dra. Eva Martín, from and for teaching staff from different disciplines at the UdL

Council of Sponsors and Collaborators