Almost 18 years have passed since the commemorative exhibition in 2003, as well as the related events held during that year, on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the foundation stone of la Seu. And a few more have passed, thirty, next March, since the organization, in 1991, of the well-remembered Seu Vella Congress, whose minutes, edited in December of that same year, by the professors Frederic Vilà and Immaculada Lorés are a must-see gem. It goes without saying that, on these foundations, which are solid, but in need, today, of revision and updating, the Turó Chair of La Seu Vella aims to develop different actions.

On the one hand, linked to research, an interdisciplinary congress has been planned; annual training seminars in the different thematic areas; annual preparation and discussion seminars on the topics to be discussed at the congresses and on the analysis and dissemination of their conclusions; impetus to research projects prior to or derived from these conclusions and dissemination of the works.

On the other hand, linked to the dissemination of the heritage set, such as collaboration, from a scientific perspective, in those activities to promote the Hill and its assets, which claim this basis of analysis, carried out by the Turó Consortium of the Turó de la Seu Vella or of institutions such as, for example, the “Amics de la Seu Vella” association itself, the latter entity, with which the University already signed a collaboration agreement that was to consolidate, in the recent years, the holding of training seminars on different aspects of the Headquarters and its surroundings. Undoubtedly a first stone of what can already be made a reality today.


Door of the Apostles Symposium

On November 16th and 17th, the Symposium will be held at the Door of the Apostles in La Seu Vella. We will have the communications of different professionals and experts who will deal with various aspects around the Gate.

Free registration until November 15 through the Catedrà’s email: catedra.turoseuvella@udl.cat

Remember that you can also follow the live broadcast through the links you will find in the program.

We are waiting for you in the space of La Canonja de la Seu Vella.

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